About Us

We created Food Monsters to teach kids and families and anybody else interested in the often secretive and confusing ingredients that plague so much of our foods. We want you all to learn about the Food Monsters by playing our awesome and fun Memory Match Game, and we hope you begin a conversation about what you choose to put into your bodies.

           Find them before they find you!

 A writer, parent, and nutritional advocate, Alex spent over 20 years in the classroom and over 8 years on the board of Get Lit: Words Ignite ( a L.A. based teen literacy and spoken word organization that serves teenagers )  where  he saw first hand the relentless sugar and additive  assault on our children.  To combat this nutritional assault, he began to dig deep and study nutrition.

He led numerous nutritional committees at schools, aiming to curb the quantity of sugar and additive laden foods  as well as to help parents and children make better decisions.  Recently he co-produced  with Matthew McConaughey’s foundation, Just Keep Livin’, a spoken word evening in Los Angeles dedicated to poetry about Type II diabetes, sugar, obesity, and teenagers.

Alex received his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania , his M.S.Ed. from Johns Hopkins in Education and Curriculum, and was a Klingenstein summer fellow at Columbia University.